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We've Come So Far - The Last Days of Death by Audio Book

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'We've Come So Far'- the photographic journey through the final days of Death by Audio (the venue) as shot by photographer Ebru Yildiz. The perfect gift for the music lover in your life.

Hard cover, 8"H x 12"W
Over 200 stunning black and white photographs

Ebru Yildiz, a Turkish-born, Brooklyn-based music and portrait photographer, was a regular at the very first parties thrown at Death by Audio back in 2005, drawn by her love of the de facto house band, A Place to Bury Strangers. Upon hearing of the venue's imminent closure she knew she had to be there for the end too. Yildiz was at Death by Audio almost every day and night for the last 75 days of its existence, photographing not only the raucous concerts but also the quieter, more intimate scenes from the daily lives of the people who worked and lived in the space. The result is not only a visual documentation of the final days of one of the longest-standing, most vital venues in the DIY community of early 2000s NYC, it is also a window into the dedication and hard work that go into creating a space whose primary focus is to nurture artistic expression and fellowship. The resulting photographs focus on the lives of the residents, the work of the artists and musicians, and the elation of the audience, and draw attention to the importance that spaces like Death by Audio provide for their communities, and what stands to be lost in their absence. In addition to Yildiz' photographs, this book contains an exclusive oral history of Death by Audio as told by its founders, staff and residents. In the true DIY spirit of Death by Audio, Yildiz is self-publishing the work.